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A story is told of a time when all birds forgot how to fly. They just walked until they were invited to attend a conference on how to fly. An expert inspired them and challenged them to follow him as he flew from a window of the conference room. All the birds, one by one followed him, flying for several hours before heading back to close the conference. After a moving awards ceremony, the conference was closed and the birds walked home.

Nothing changes unless knowledge and skills fueled by faith are put into motion.

You know how things are in your business, professional or personal endeavors. You have first hand knowledge of how our economy, that for the most part is still ailing, has affected everything you expect from whatever you do. Your passion, creativity and hope are on hold until “things change.” The reality is, until you ask yourself, “What’s not working for you, what will?” and then implement what will work, nothing will change. Your business, professional or personal pursuits will remain on hold and risk being forced to obsolescence until “things change.”

A native Indian American aphorism teaches that if the horse you are riding dies, dismount. The teaching comes with other admonitions like “don’t put a committee together to research how people can ride a dead horse” or “call a consultant to teach you how people in other places ride dead horses.” Riding a dead business, professional or personal dream is fatal to progress.

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After you evaluate what’s not working, there are key aspects to know about what will work.

There must be a change of mindset on how you approach what you do. What got you where you are will not necessarily keep you growing. The climate you operated in may be different and thus you must treat the current conditions as the new normal. Maybe a new vision and set of goals are what you need to initiate an upward movement.

Recall the passion, creativity, courage and perseverance that you had when you began? I call these “Amateur Secret Weapons.” I know exactly what I did when I wrote and sold over 5,000 copies of my first book in months before I learned (to my disadvantage) how to be a professional. To move forward you need a new set of these vital ingredients for success.

Your ability to risk and try something new is a necessity for discovery and growth. If you recall, that’s what you did when you first learned to swim, ride a bike, drive, use a computer or introduce yourself to a new circle of friends. When you take a risk, you are assured of some form (either tangible or intangible) of result(s). When you don’t take a risk, you are assured of nothing.

You must have faith and put your new knowledge and skills into action. Again, the birds walked home. It is sad to desire growth, learn how to grow and still revert to the mediocrity of status quo.

Editor’s note: Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku is one of the most sought after business and conference motivational speakers. He has risen to prominence by delivering an authentic, informative, captivating and high-energy message that tells people how to “spear social buffaloes” and live up to their greatness. It is a message Dr. Kituku, a native of Kenya, Africa, has learned from his own life and now helps others apply to their lives. Vincent offers individuals and organizations the “spears” of overcoming and thriving beyond their “buffaloes.”

Dear Dr. Kituku…I know that you have made a difference here, from watching the kids and hearing their responses to you and to each other after the class. You gave them permission to dream in a world that takes that away. You also gave them direction and focus in a world that pulls them in all directions… Thank you for sharing your life stories and giving all of us clarity of vision to realize that dreams can come true and that there is GREAT power in ONE!

Lesli Havili
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I had never worn gloves until I came to the University of Wyoming in 1986. Unfortunately, I arrived in early February in my tropical outfit. I met a man named Mr. Tynan on the plane from Denver to Laramie. He called the University from the airport and requested someone to come pick me up. He ended the call by saying, “Please bring a winter jacket and gloves. This student is dressed for a warm climate.”

Prof. Jerry Dodd, who had made arrangements for my coming, came and handed me a ski jacket and a pair of gloves. I was so unaccustomed to severe weather that I wore the jacket and gloves whenever I was awake. In class, I struggled when taking notes.

When Prof. Skinner brought to my attention that I needed to remove my gloves in order to take notes effectively, it dawned on me that I had been so stuck to my jacket and gloves that I was not effective. The gloves were useful outside, but not when taking notes.

I realized I was perhaps stuck to more than gloves. I was stuck to my fear of removing the gloves and getting cold. This fear led to my wearing the gloves in the wrong places and for the wrong purpose. Since I could not take adequate notes, I had to spend more time reading text books.

Since then, I have wondered about areas of life where people become stuck to “spiritual or social gloves.” For spiritual growth and social advancement, one has to free oneself from any entanglement that stops or slows growth. There are several ways in which we can get stuck, thus curtailing productivity, growth, vision and accomplishment of one’s purposes.

  • Stuck to a learned behavior or lifestyle.
    This can be hard to change especially if the lifestyle has been practiced for a long period of time. A question arises. In that lifestyle, can I be the best I can be to myself, family and community? If not, how and when can I change so as to have fulfillment in life?
  • Stuck to a “processionary caterpillar” circle.
    There is a species of caterpillar that has a leader and travels by forming a line. One caterpillar places its head on the tail of the leader and a third caterpillar places its head on the tail of the second one. This goes on until each caterpillar, beside the leader, has its head on the tail of the caterpillar that is immediately ahead. Zig Ziglar, author of See You at the Top, says that if the head of the lead caterpillar is moved in such a way that it’s placed on the tail of the last caterpillar, thus forming a circle, the caterpillars will keep going round and round until they die of hunger, even if food is placed inside the circle. Can you achieve your spiritual and social goals with the associates you have today? Can you explore new opportunities while maintaining the same way of thinking, acting and associates?
  • Stuck to un-clarified perceptions.
    I thought I would get cold by removing my gloves in class. Had I just tried, I would not have struggled while taking notes for two weeks. There are opportunities for growth that can only be attained if one ventures out of one’s ordinary perceptions. Perceptions are changeable.
  • Stuck to “inherited bitterness.”
    History abounds about inconceivable mistreatments that people have subjected others to. The basis for these mistreatments are broad. They may consist of tribal wars, religion, color, gender, education, even height. In some instances, effects of those mistreatments have been passed on from generation to generation. It’s not unusual to meet someone who is suspicious of another based on “inherited” bitterness or perception. History can not be erased. However, it can be used to build strong, harmonious ties that prevents history from repeating itself. The past is a point of reference, but it must not become a dwelling place.



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Dear Dr.Kituku, Words fail me in trying to express the benefits of the seminar…I am still reeling from the effects of it and reading the notes you gave us…Your stories were inspirational and helped me settle the decision to follow this path in my mind. The ‘Business of Speaking’ session really opened my eyes and I know for a fact that it was worth every penny I paid. I have already started acting on the information I got and have sent an article to the ‘Living magazine’ of The Daily Nation newspaper…

Jackie Wanja, Motivational speaker, Author Nairobi, Kenya
Vincent, Thank you again for your exceptional contribution to NSA Virginia! I’ve never heard so much praise and appreciation for a speaker, and I’m inspired to do my own first public seminar before the next national convention.

Tom Davidson, Leadership Coach, Author, Trainer, Keynote Speaker and President of the NSA Virginia Chapter
Dr. Vincent Kituku: What an amazing experience! Your training on “How to Speak and Get Paid!” was one of the most value-packed trainings I’ve ever attended. I arrived expecting to learn how to get paid as a speaker and left with a better understanding of my speaking abilities, useful ways to make my speeches stand out, and how to market myself as a speaker.

The training session was jam-packed with information and you even provided us with a very useful book with plenty of valuable “wisdom” and knowledge… Your seminar exceeded my expectations and I feel very fortunate to have learned from you. The seven streams of income example, how to grow your business, and simplified negotiations techniques were extremely useful and added bonuses to this seminar

Ben Quintana, Programs Manager, Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce


Nick Morgan wrote,
The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.
So if you know how to speak you will change the world.

Professional speakers made a whopping average of $5,000 for a keynote when speaking away from home and $3,800 when speaking in their home community according the National Speakers Association’s 2006 survey. That is for speakers who are also members of the association.


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Native of Kenya, Africa, and resident of Idaho since 1992, Vincent has been a featured speaker and trainer at numerous Real Estate conferences and training programs. An award winning speaker and writer, he is one of the less than 7% of all professional speakers to earn a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), the highest award for professional speakers. Dr. Kituku has worked with championship sports teams and trained leaders on how to inspire productivity all the time. What sets Vincent apart is his ability to weave life experiences in Africa with corporate America and culture in providing solutions for personal and professional growth.

Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku is known as a research-based motivational speaker. He presents motivational keynotes and training programs on leadership, employee motivation, overcoming buffaloes at work (change), customer service and living and working with cultural differences. Vincent is the founder and president of Kituku & Associates, LLC, a business that is dedicated to developing leaders and employees in business and in life.

What has set Dr. Kituku apart is the ability to use his experience in research to evaluate/assess client needs and then tailor his keynotes/training presentation to meet their objectives. Harold G. Delamarter, President/CEO, Prestige Care Inc. said, "Before the Retreat, Dr. Kituku gained as much information as possible about our company and the industry we are involved in. He made telephone calls to management team members to tailor his seminar very closely to the needs of our employees and the circumstances they face each day in the present economy. Dr. Kituku was so widely received in July, the decision was made to ask him to return to again present to our company in October."

Vincent's clients list includes Cisco Systems, Micron, Hewlett Packard, Genworth Financial, US Fish and Wildlife, US Air Force, Women Council of Realtors and National Association of Mental Health. He has been the motivational speaker for the successful Boise State Football Team since 1998. Dr. Kituku works have been featured by numerous publications including the Presentations Magazine, SkyWest Magazine, National Speakers Association Magazine and many newspapers which publish his weekly columns. Vincent holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation that is earned by fewer than 7% of all speakers worldwide.

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