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Overcoming Buffaloes, hosted by Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku is now a weekly radio program on KBXL94.1 FM, in the northwest United States on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm.

Please tune in and tell us how we can help you grow in your professional and personal endeavors.

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April 2012

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The question was, "What do you do when whatever you are doing seems impossible?" My response was, "Ask for help" to the question asked by a young man after I had given a six hour presentation in Twin Falls, Idaho.

I then shared the story of a father who asked his son to remove a rock that was in their backyard. The son tried to remove that rock with no success. After a while, he came back to the living room and informed his dad that it was impossible to remove that rock. His father explained the importance of removing the rock said to his son, "Son, use all available resources to remove that rock."

Still doubting whether he could remove the rock, the son embarked on the task. He used chains to pull the rock and long metal bars to push it but all in vain. Frustrated and with his ego bruised, he went back to the house and detailed his fruitless efforts to his father. The father, after hearing that the rock had not been removed asked his son, "Have you used all resources available to you?" His son’s response was, "YES!"

Then the unexpected question came from the father:
"Son, how come you did not ask me to help you?"

There is always someone with a solution for professional, personal or spiritual challenges that you face. The most critical challenge to overcome is the inability to see and take advantage of the resources within your reach. In whatever challenge you are facing, get a pen and write it down. Determine what needs to be done first. Then write all resources you think you need to overcome the challenge, especially those needed for the part of your challenge that needs to be overcome first. Make sure you start with the resources that are within your reach.

After you have done this, get up and start working, using what you have. It is impossible to have 100% available resources that are needed for any challenge. BUT it is 100% possible to start with what you have. What you need most is:

1. Clear understanding of the challenge
2. Your determination to overcome the challenge
3. Knowledge of the key parts of the challenge that need to be tackled first
4. Awareness of the obstacles that you foresee
5. Input from trusted advisors whose main interest is to see you succeed
6. Inventory of the resources—people (family, friends); skills and knowledge; tools and money; that you have and can start with
7. Milestones that mark the start, continued progress and completion of key parts of your challenge
8. Flexibility that allows you to deal with unknown circumstances that avail themselves
9. Focus on the big picture while working on day-to-day parts of the challenge

Recommended reading - 1776: The story of George Washington, Nathaniel Green and Henry Knox, their inspiration, the monumental challenges they dealt with, ability to work together, and how victory came about is one of the most moving and revealing of human struggles and endurance in the most trying times. Honestly, we have no excuse for why we can’t succeed in our cozy projects when compared to what George Washington went through with his makeshift army of unknown soldiers and on-the-job trained officers.




"Without inspiration, the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks." -Johann Von Herder

Ian Johnson, Cody Hawkins and Natalie Comacho Mendoza will be speaking on May 12th at the Nampa Civic Center to Idaho’s junior and high school students on strategies they need to prepare for greatness in the future. Young people today are faced with challenges of identity, a need for belonging and lack of awareness about one’s talents and strengths. They are not prepared for dealing with life’s obstacles and setbacks. The Preparing for Greatness program, organized by Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, will inspire, challenge and equip students to learn:

  • How to set themselves apart in sshool and in life
  • To never let lack of money destroy their dreams
  • 5 choices young people make to succeed in any future career
  • 7 actions that make failing a non-option
  • Proven strategies to overcome setbacks
  • The power of a college education in a shrinking world market
  • 3 must-know things to do to get outrageous college scholarships
  • How to use their talents and creativity to live their lives with purpose

DATE: May 12th, 2012
LOCATION: Nampa Civic Center (311 3rd Street S, Nampa, ID)
TIME: 8:30 am - 12:00 (noon)

Register for only $29 per student or $49 for a student accompanied by a parent/guardian

Groups of three or more participants register for only $25/student.

Parents, teachers, counselors and youth leaders register for just $39/person

Registration covers workbooks and the “Top 45 Must Know Life Lessons for Top Achievers” poster

Follow up benefits:

All attendees will have the opportunity to be assisted by Kituku and Associates with:

1. Free phone conversations on school and career related issues
2. Detailed search for colleges and careers that fit the individual student
3. FAFSA applications
4. Writing letters Admission and Financial Assistance Officers want to read and act on

➢ There are full and partial scholarships for students who need financial assistance. Please call (208) 376-8724 for more information.

Space is extremely limited. Registration stops once all space is filled.

How To Register:

1. Online HERE

2. Toll free 1-888-685-1621 or (208) 376-8724 to register with a credit card

3. Mail a check or money order to:
P.O. Box 7152
Boise, Idaho 83707

4. Print, Fill Out and Fax THIS FORM to (208) 323-7612

5. Email vincent@kituku.com or kasiva@kituku.com


(only 3 spots remaining!)

"If I went back to college again, I’d concentrate on two areas: learning to write and to speak before an audience. Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively." -Gerald R. Ford, U.S. President

You will learn what you need to know about how you give presentations, which presentations get paid for and how to turn a speaking opportunity into gold mine. Please DON’T register if you don’t value (by at least charging $2,500/hr keynote) your speaking, consulting, writing and coaching abilities

Date: April 10th & 11th, 2012

Time: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Riverside Hotel (former Doubletree Hotel) Garden City

Part I

9 must have skills that will get you invited
to speak/train and get paid:

  • Develop the platform image that captivates audiences all the time
  • Know what makes each of your presentations memorable
  • Learn to make any audience listen, learn and call you back
  • Top tips to turn your fear of public speaking into a profitable possession
  • 3 strategies you need to know and relate with any of your audience’s expectations
  • Learn how to make your information lead to maximum audience learning experience
  • How to use your uniqueness and deliver presentations skillfully
  • What, why and when to use tangibles for maximum presentation impact

Part II

How to start and keep your speaking/training/consulting business growing:

  • Getting from unknown to a celebrated and well paid speaker/trainer or consultant
  • How to charge morally acceptable fees and you don’t feel guilty about it
  • 9 proven ways to market your business with minimum budget for maximum returns
  • How to create a dominance presence and derive rewards in a competitive market
  • The Be-MISH strategy that gets you paid for your expertise and speaking skills
  • The 7 streams of income that keep dollars flowing into your business
  • Strategies for leveraging your services to add value for clients and increase your fees
  • How to skyrocket your profits and minimize your costs with every engagement

Five key requirements to participate in this program:

  1. You will need to be approved by Kituku & Associates after a 5-10 minutes phone interview unless you have received formal invitation to participate
  2. You must be willing to do assignments—your success is the number one priority for Kituku & Associates
  3. Participants are required to be present from the beginning to the end of the seminar unless an emergency situation arises
  4. You should be able to give a presentation in front of other participants and get their input on how you can improve your skills
  5. You are required to use your free 30-minutes consulting with Dr. Kituku within 90 days after the seminar

Please note: this is not for people who just want to give presentations. This is for individuals who want to inspire, challenge and equip people with tools to reach new heights in their professional, personal and spiritual journeys.

Only a small group of participants is allowed in this life changing (professional, personal and financial) commitment - This means those who participate, if they practice what they learn from this seminar, will be compensated at least $2,500/engagement!

You will also learn how to turn a $2,500 engagement into $10,000 returns by leveraging.

Registration is $499
No Registration after April 7th, 2012

No more scholarships available.

How To Register:

1. Online HERE

2. Toll free 1-888-685-1621 or (208) 376-8724 to register with a credit card

3. Fax THIS FORM to (208) 323-7612

4. Mail a check or money order to:
P.O. Box 7152
Boise, Idaho 83707

5. Email vincent@kituku.com or kasiva@kituku.com

Guarantee: You will not be disappointed! Please note: this is not for people who just want to give presentations. This is for individuals who want to inspire, challenge, influence people and change the world.

Words From Past Participants

"Vincent, I phoned the woman about the conference and I actually sounded confident and articulate, as if I did this all the time!…"

"Woo-hoo! I asked about their objectives and offered a break-out session following the keynote, something they’d never done before. I also said I’d want to speak with a few people to target my speech to their concerns. One would think I’d actually been giving this keynote for years!…"

"Much of my success in the conversation was due to you. Thank you, my dear friend!…" - Kathy, author, columnist and aspiring speaker

"Thank you again, Vincent, for the wonderful seminar!…In the time since the seminar I have… spoken with a friend to talk about setting up a speech for his high school leadership students… and I'd like to give a speech as soon as possible in order to keep the momentum going…" -Steve


The Publisher has confirmed April 15th will be the release date for "Run: Whether You Are a Lion or a Gazelle"!

We have decided to extend the pre-publication discount, BUT you have to order NOW to guarantee that your order is delivered no later than April 15th.

This pre-publication offer expires on April 7th!

Dr. Kituku’s new book is guaranteed to inspire, challenge and provide you with the tools you need to use immediately to thrive, not just survive, in our unpredictable workplaces, balance work and life and overcome setbacks. Complacency has relegated millions of talented people to being mediocre performers in their professional and personal lives. They continue to compare themselves with underachievers or assume yesterday’s successes guarantee them today’s or tomorrow’s success. Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku (author of Overcoming Buffaloes at Work & in Life) says that is the same as a gazelle that outruns a lion today thinking that there is no more running tomorrow. Or a lion that easily caught a gazelle yesterday assuming that it will do the same today and tomorrow. It rarely happens!

The skills, experiences or material resources that got you where you are today may not necessarily be assets you need to survive and thrive tomorrow.

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:
  • What if a fast running gazelle ran faster than a slow gazelle each day?
  • What would happen to the gazelle if there were no lions?
  • What if the lion didn't have to run for a meal because gazelles are slow runners?
  • What does the lion do when the only available meal is an African buffalo, an animal that has the ability to fight back, and probably win?

In other words, what happens to you if:
  • You only compete with underachievers?
  • You lack skills of managing perpetual workplace changes?
  • You have zero external forces that inspire and challenge you to utilize your full potential for personal and professional growth?
  • You have challenges that require more than your current abilities can handle?
  • You have all the resources you need for all of your endeavors?

gazelle book

"Run: Whether You Are a Lion or a Gazelle" is the book to help you achieve more than expectations, become a person of value, thrive in chaos and balance work and life. You will be inspired to:

  • Never let your dreams suffer due to lack of resources
  • Discover and use your personal strengths
  • Develop marketable skills for an unpredictable world
  • Never "walk" after you learn to "fly"
  • Find meaning in your life's dark moments
  • Experience a life of no regrets

In "Run: Whether You Are a Lion or a Gazelle", Dr. Kituku equips you to become a man or woman of value and experience a life of no regrets. You'll learn how to discover and utilize your own strengths, develop marketable skills for our unpredictable world and never "walk" after you learn to "fly." He will help you find meaning in your life's dark moments and achieve your dreams despite a lack of resources.

Prepublication savings - 40% OFF (you pay only $11.99) if ordered by April 7th midnight (Pacific Time). Shipping and handling is $4.99 - your total investment is $16.98. Please include the name you want autographed for each copy.

Order at www.kitukubooks.com or call (208) 376-8724 or 1-800-685-1621
(24/7 fax line number: (208) 323-7612)

Book specifications:
ISBN: 978-1-60585-961-3

Hardcover with glossy dust jacket, 5.5 by 8.5
128 pages

Retail price: $19.99 US, $25.99 Canada



vincentNative of Kenya, Africa, and resident of Idaho since 1992, Vincent has been a featured speaker and trainer at numerous Real Estate conferences and training programs. An award winning speaker and writer, he is one of the less than 7% of all professional speakers to earn a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), the highest award for professional speakers.

Dr. Kituku has worked with championship sports teams and trained leaders on how to inspire productivity all the time. What sets Vincent apart is his ability to weave life experiences in Africa with corporate America and culture in providing solutions for personal and professional growth.

Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku is known as a research-based motivational speaker. He presents motivational keynotes and training programs on leadership, employee motivation, overcoming buffaloes at work (change), customer service and living and working with cultural differences. Vincent is the founder and president of Kituku & Associates, LLC, a business that is dedicated to developing leaders and employees in business and in life.

What has set Dr. Kituku apart is the ability to use his experience in research to evaluate/assess client needs and then tailor his keynotes/training presentation to meet their objectives. Harold G. Delamarter, President/CEO, Prestige Care Inc. said, "Before the Retreat, Dr. Kituku gained as much information as possible about our company and the industry we are involved in. He made telephone calls to management team members to tailor his seminar very closely to the needs of our employees and the circumstances they face each day in the present economy. Dr. Kituku was so widely received in July, the decision was made to ask him to return to again present to our company in October."

Vincent's clients list includes Cisco Systems, Micron, Hewlett Packard, Genworth Financial, US Fish and Wildlife, US Air Force, Women Council of Realtors and National Association of Mental Health. He has been the motivational speaker for the successful Boise State Football Team since 1998. Dr. Kituku works have been featured by numerous publications including the Presentations Magazine, SkyWest Magazine, National Speakers Association Magazine and many newspapers which publish his weekly columns. Vincent holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation that is earned by fewer than 7% of all speakers worldwide.


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