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By Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

When you provide exceptional services to all people regardless of their background, you better your life in ways you may never be able to comprehend. To get to this point of providing exceptional services you have to unlearn how you see others, find a common bond and see how their presence enriches your own life, whether professional, personal or spiritual.

On page 47 of Overcoming Buffaloes at Work & in Life book (visit there is a story of a farmer who portrays the perfect example about exceptional services.
A story is told of a farmer who gave the best of his seeds to his neighbors. This seemingly generous farmer provided educational opportunities for all the children in his village as well.

The farmer’s way of life shocked one of his friends. "Why do you give your best seeds to your neighbors?" his bewildered friend asked. Before the farmer could respond, there was another question. "Don’t you know these people are your competitors?"

After thinking about those questions the farmer responded, "They are not competitors. Yes, we sell our garden produce at the same market. But that is not the whole picture. You see, when I give my best seeds to them, I am sure my crops will be cross-pollinated with the best."

The wise farmer had realized that his neighbors were not competitors but people whose presence (and activities) were beneficial to his livelihood.

The people we serve have traveled through similar life paths that have largely shape both our life perspectives, and we also have similar life expectations and fears.
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In the early days of my speaking business, I made it a practice to stay with families whenever I traveled in Idaho. I was (and still I am) always amazed by how human experiences, that I had or knew about in Kangundo, Kenya were so closely related to those of people in any community in Idaho.

This background led to the development of one of the audience participation activities in my presentations that is geared to highlight how people are connected. The activity involves each participant listing the top five human experiences that changed their life, the top five experiences they do not want to go through and then the top five experiences they would like to go through.

The top five experiences, that have been highlighted as the main factors in changing people's life, the way they act, think and perceive life are: marriage, birth of one's child, death (or life threatening illness) of a loved one, divorce, and traveling. These experiences are not limited to any culture, race, gender, religion or social-political groupings. People are more alike than they are unlike.

What participants reveal as their main fears in life include: the death of one's child (this is always the most listed fear), long-term illness, divorce, poverty and loss of jobs. War and natural disasters are also entered while teachers and probation officers list being arrested as an experience they do not want to go through. Great health, happiness, seeing one's child become self-sufficient, traveling and making one's community a better place are listed as experiences audience members want to have. Again, these fears and hopes are the same regardless of physical, social differences or geographical backgrounds.

When you fertilize or poison one,
you affect the others
We are like aspen trees growing in the same location. While it appears that one sees tens or hundreds of trees, they sprout from the same root. When you fertilize one the others benefit and any adverse impact on one aspen tree affects the rest. That is why events like devastating tornados or shootings in schools affect us even though we don't know the victims personally. Great events, like the Boise State Football Team beating Oklahoma, make so many people feel great even those who had never heard of Boise State before the game.

When you serve someone, know that there is at least something you have in common. Your exceptional service, that impacts one person’s life, may be the beginning of your own fulfillment, sense of purpose and untold riches untold.

Your Story Has to:

Motivate people to be creative, focused and manage stress in times of change
Improve customer service
Create effective communication
Balance work and life
Increase personal accountability/ownership
Inspire a consistent positive attitude
Foster teamwork and team spirit
Challenge people to overcome obstacles
Have a relaxed workplace environment
Inspire people to be involved in something bigger than what they do for a paycheck

Editor’s Note:
Since establishing Kituku & Associates in 1995, Dr. Kituku has done research on the challenges and expectations of every group he has worked with, whether the project was a 60-minutes keynote or a two-day leadership development camp. He then uses the data/information to develop and present a customized presentation audiences can relate to and apply in whatever they do to make success a continuous experience
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3. Moving Forward Without Leaving Families Behind
4. Balancing Work and Life
5. Storytelling in the Workplace
6. Living and Working with Cultural Differences

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Vincent, …Thank you so much for the autographed copies of your new book. I distributed them to my family members during our reunion in Park City, UT last week. My wife has finished reading her copy and has passed it along to her friends as a ‘must Read’.” My employees were excited to read their copies as well. Thank you again Vincent.

Michael P. McGrath, Director
Gas Supply & Regulatory Affairs, Intermountain Gas Company.

Vincent, Thanks for leaving me a signed copy of your book!...God’s timing was perfect (again). I took that book and read it while on a church mission trip in Mexico (building houses in Reynosa)…and it became sort of a daily devotion and it put a lot of things in perspective…

Jim Gilchriest, Executive News Director
KTVB News Group

Hello Vincent,…Loved the book. . . .will be purchasing two more to give away as gifts…

James Murray, AIA, CSHQA

Hi Vincent…I have almost finished reading the book, which so far I have enjoyed and is certainly inline with the changes we striving to make here at Bartercard...,

JUSTINE HAYEK, National Franchising Manager
Bartercard Australia Pty Ltd

Good afternoon Vincent…We would still like to purchase 200 books from you to give to our delegates…

Anna Parfrey, Executive Assistant to Justine Hayek
National Franchising Manager, Bartercard Australia Pty Ltd

Vincent, that is exactly what our organization needs…please sign copies for all our 73 employees.

Brent Kelly, President
Boise Office Equipment


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The average full fee for a keynote speech, (can last 15-90 minutes) that NSA members received was a whopping $5,000 when speaking away from home and $3,800 when speaking in their home community.

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Over 80% of independent speakers (not hired and not part of regional and/or national corporations) work from home.

What, however, the results don’t indicate is that the incomes shown above could be generated by someone working (actual time spent in-front of individual (coaching or consulting or speaking, training and/or selling) in no more than 100 days of a 365 day year. And for sure rarely in an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. situation since billable full day work is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. That’s the truth. Now ponder this:
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A unimaginable sense of fulfillment comes from positively affecting the lives of other people, especially on a continuous basis. Intangible rewards come from helping others. Maybe it’s helping organizations improve their performance in customer service and their bottom-line. Or helping couples overcome their marriage buffaloes (unpredictable challenges similar to occasions when invading water buffaloes disrupted the harmony of African villages without warning, leaving villagers fearful and anxious). Or steering young people away from destructive choices and habits. The reward you gain is far greater than any monetary payment.
Speakers enjoy accelerated professional and personal growth generally unknown to the rest of the world. Research-based speakers, the ones who spend time learning the challenges and expectations of the groups they speak to or train or the individuals they coach, consult or mentor, learn lessons never covered in colleges or in books. In the eleven years I have been a full time speaker, I have been blessed to learn about and work with organizations I had never heard of.

I never knew about American football. I have not only worked with numerous teams, but also enjoyed being selected the Homecoming Grand Marshal of the successful Boise State University Broncos Football for working with the team from 1998 to the present. Like many speakers/writers, I can update my resume every three months.
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Here is a sample of some of the key tools that you will learn in this seminar and use immediately in major aspects of your work and life:
The top 5 success factors that most Americans can take advantage of
11 secrets/actions that will make failing a non-option
Beyond Chaos: Keeping home and career under control
23 lessons from Impala, gazelle and lions on how to thrive in your “jungle”
The 7must have ‘Spears to Overcome Buffaloes’ at work and in life
The top assets that will make your skills needed and sought after
How to turn ordinary actions into extraordinary results at work and in life
9 proven ways on how to turn setbacks into opportunities for a better future
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Key benefits of cultural diversity for business viability and prosperity

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Top 4 proven strategies to build your business with unlimited referrals
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Cancellation terms:
You can transfer your registration to future courses. You are guaranteed a 100% refund if you cancel your registration 30 days before the day of the course. Administrative fees of $40.00 will be taken from your registration if cancellation occurs between 29 days and two weeks before the course. There is no refund if cancellation occurs within 13 days of the school. If cancellation of the course is initiated by Kituku & associates, there will be 100% refund.

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“This was a turning point for my professional growth and balance in life.”

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“Vincent changed the attitude of our employees. No one is afraid of change anymore.”

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“It’s amazing to discover that I have what I need to succeed.”

“Everything, Focus on 98% of good not 2% of bad.”

“Wonderful speaker - excellent thought processes to get started.”

“Ability to give analogies that help change our way of thinking.”

“All of it was helpful-there was nothing I couldn't use; will be useful in both private and professional life.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the speaker – I listen to him on the radio - wonderfully inspirational; could have listened to him all day.”


Native of Kenya, Africa, and resident of Idaho since 1992, Vincent has been a featured speaker and trainer at numerous Real Estate conferences and training programs. An award winning speaker and writer, he is one of the less than 7% of all professional speakers to earn a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), the highest award for professional speakers. Dr. Kituku has worked with championship sports teams and trained leaders on how to inspire productivity all the time. What sets Vincent apart is his ability to weave life experiences in Africa with corporate America and culture in providing solutions for personal and professional growth.

Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku is known as a research-based motivational speaker. He presents motivational keynotes and training programs on leadership, employee motivation, overcoming buffaloes at work (change), customer service and living and working with cultural differences. Vincent is the founder and president of Kituku & Associates, LLC, a business that is dedicated to developing leaders and employees in business and in life.

What has set Dr. Kituku apart is the ability to use his experience in research to evaluate/assess client needs and then tailor his keynotes/training presentation to meet their objectives. Harold G. Delamarter, President/CEO, Prestige Care Inc. said, "Before the Retreat, Dr. Kituku gained as much information as possible about our company and the industry we are involved in. He made telephone calls to management team members to tailor his seminar very closely to the needs of our employees and the circumstances they face each day in the present economy. Dr. Kituku was so widely received in July, the decision was made to ask him to return to again present to our company in October."

Vincent's clients list includes Cisco Systems, Micron, Hewlett Packard, Genworth Financial, US Fish and Wildlife, US Air Force, Women Council of Realtors and National Association of Mental Health. He has been the motivational speaker for the successful Boise State Football Team since 1998. Dr. Kituku works have been featured by numerous publications including the Presentations Magazine, SkyWest Magazine, National Speakers Association Magazine and many newspapers which publish his weekly columns. Vincent holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation that is earned by fewer than 7% of all speakers worldwide.

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