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Overcoming Buffaloes, hosted by Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku is now a weekly radio program on KBXL94.1 FM, in the northwest United States on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm.

Please tune in and tell us how we can help you grow in your professional and personal endeavors.

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Issue Number:
Volume XI No. 15
Kituku & Associates
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November 2012

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The February 2012 issue of Fast Company stated that, "Our institutions are out of date, the long career is dead, any request for solid rules is pointless since we will be constantly rethinking them; you can't rely on established business model or a corporate ladder to point your way. Silos between industries are breaking down, anything settled is vulnerable"

One can safely add that most organizations are forced to have less workforce and significantly decreasing resources, especially monetary resources. That message was echoed by Dr. Bert Glandon, President of the College of Western Idaho, when he addressed the faculty and staff members of one of the nation's fastest growing colleges and said that, "the need for higher education is growing faster than the availability of public funds, thus increasing challenges of maintaining quality programs and sense of a community."

In the corporate world, the current uncertainties have led to challenges of "working with new models and defining new processes to address changing customer expectations without compromising an organization's core values," says Trudy Sullivan, Vice President, Communication & Public Affairs, Space and Airborne Systems, Raytheon Company.

In the past, it was easy to start from point A to point C through point B as shown below:


In this scenario, people were motivated at point A based on the thrill that comes with starting or creating anything new. After passing point B, when people could see their expected finishing point C, they would have rekindled their resolve to finish strong. The challenge was to get them motivated at point B when a variety of factors would cloud the reasons for starting the project and points A and C were out of view.

The problem today is that there are multiple starts and the speed of change is often dictating organizations to stay creative in an unpredictable environment, otherwise they become less competitive or are relegated to oblivion. The Fast Company article noted that today, Apple and Samsung are technology giants while just five years ago, it was Motorola and Blackberry, among others. As a matter of fact, the College of Western Idaho was not even operating five years ago.

Future SignThere are no proven ways for people or organizations to predict what's going happen in the future. But what can help prepare one for uncertainty at an individual level is your attitude, accepting the simple fact that - things will keep changing, faster! Your ability to be flexible and learn new skills will be a treasured asset as well as your ability to discern, focus on and devote your creativity and energy to what you can control instead of things beyond your power.

It is critical to embrace innovative changes (I am using an Ipad, latest generation, although I was not aware there had been generations until our daughter recently introduced my wife and I to this technology). Keep reminding yourself why your organization exists. Why is it important for it to stay relevant, besides providing you with a paycheck? Know yesterday's success is not a guarantee of tomorrow's survival.

In my work with public institutions, corporate organizations and college football teams, especially the Boise State Broncos, I have noticed a pattern of programs that succeed regardless of prevailing circumstances. They have a clear understanding and total buy-in of their organization's mission and strategies and a desire to learn, change and grow. They are motivated and focused when dealing with new challenges and are not bogged down by isolated failings or downturns.

These successful organizations (and for that matter individuals) have learned to turn bad experiences into learning opportunities, something other entities squander or use as an excuse for underperforming. They have uncompromising discipline in using their knowledge, skills and abilities whether in providing exceptional customer service or developing new products.

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Public Health Services

The discussion on a local radio program was about public services that listeners thought could be eliminated to invigorate a lagging economy scarred by years of budget cuts. My heart sank as caller after caller considered public health services a drainer of funds. The host added fuel to the negative views when he singled out WIC (Women, Infant and Children) as an example of valueless programs.

I had to call the radio station and share my family’s first-hand experience with public health services. Soon after I arrived in Laramie, Wyoming for my graduate program on a student scholarship, a doctor diagnosed a condition caused by low levels of iron in our daughter that could be cured with adequate amounts of raisins. Our family was not able to afford the $1.35 per week for raisins.

We were instructed to check out the WIC program that provided assistance to the public based on a family’s financial constraints. WIC program specialists conducted a class that introduced us to knowledge on the different food groups and nutritional values of various foods. We grew up in Kenya, Africa and ate whatever food was available. Those classes and, later, family planning and immunization services were more valuable than even the raisins.

Got Public Health?So why are public health services not valued by some people in America? Or what is it that Public Health Districts DO NOT DO that causes cynicism toward the services they provide?

I have identified THREE major but correctable problems in my work with public health groups in Idaho, California Wyoming and Washington, among other states.

1. Lack of information — When people don’t have information, they create their own. Public programs, like the ones provided by health districts, DO NOT do a good enough job educating the public about what they do and the benefits they provide to children, families and communities.

2. Apathy — Because there is no immediate threat of disease outbreak in our communities, people can be oblivious to public health programs that prevent outbreaks by monitoring food, water and facilities in restaurants, schools, businesses and other premises where people work and play.

3. Poor internal marketing — It is not unusual for a mother to take her baby for immunizations and leave a public health facility without learning about the various family planning programs that are offered by specialists in the same building.

In PART I of our training, we work with employees to:

Have clarity about why they do what they do
Know the benefits and opportunities of what they do
Be aware of the challenges related to what they do
Learn how to create a workplace image that clients appreciate
Identify public perception vs reality
Understand proven ways to maintain exceptional internal and external customer relationships
Have knowledge of “unseen” challenges and how they affect relationships

When people know their purpose (what drives their decisions and actions), have passion (motivation) for their work and take pride in the end results of their contribution they become accountable for their decisions and actions.

In PART II employees learn to:

Be the CEO of ALL they do
Overcome challenges as a team
Own their decisions and actions
Balance work and life
Bounce back after setbacks
Be more than their career

What participants are saying:

"I will never forget the seminar I attended here in Moscow that you were the speaker. Thank you for being you and sharing." – Jan Ahles, Community Relations Director at Good Samaritan Society, Moscow

"Your insights were invaluable and your sense of humor is amazing..." - Geri Rackow, Deputy Director & Public Information Officer, Eastern Idaho Public Health District

"You gave us all so much to think about and your impact has become a part of the way we look at ourselves and our program." - Colleen Van Winkle, SHIBA Regional Coordinator

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As I was conducting a leadership program for a public organization, I talked about the power of specifics when providing feedback to employees, students/trainees and your children. I shared a personal strategy I have used to encourage our children to live up to their greatness. Attendees asked for a copy of my written and unexpected feedback that I gave my son when he was in 8th grade. I Other feedbacks are available, if requested.

Dear Kithetheesyo:

….Allow me to use words in my attempt to express the joy of watching you become a responsible young man this last summer, the summer of 2009. Several times your actions brought a lump to my throat as tears betrayed the thrill in my soul. I watched you, at 13, walk a path that take many a lifetime to discover: that what we do for others, is what gives us life. You have a life.

The first monumental milestone I observed was when I heard you say you would give the t-shirt you earned at your basketball camp to Kellen, because it was his first time to attend camp but he was not present when the t-shirts were handed out. There was no reservation in your decision. You were determined to give up a fruit of your sweat. Son, you may not know, but it takes a huge heart to do that.

Football player sonYour quick thinking and ability to take full responsibility in a situation and come up with a solution was evident throughout the summer. The incident that found a resting place in my memory is when Kellen was selected to join you as a teammate at the 2009 summer basketball tournaments where you played for the high school freshman team. He had to have a jersey and shorts with Eagle High School colors. Within a few minutes you had made it your responsibility to make sure that he had those items before the first game. And you did, as great leaders do.

You have shown your leadership attributes in many areas of life, especially during the five years you played with the Kituku Warriors Optimist Football Team. You inspired your teammates. Who can ever forget watching you pat each defensive player on the shoulder before a play while the opposing offensive team was getting set? Yes, you were the recipient of the Defensive Player of the Week Awards several times. However, when you were recognized for encouraging teammates to keep playing even though your team was losing, it was a special moment...

How one gets along with people of different cultures, ages and social status is a measure of greatness. As your father, you have made me proud in the way you relate with people regardless of their background. Your respect for Bill, the alcoholic man that we give rides to, is well registered in my heart. Your willingness to let him have a front seat sets you apart. You are special.

Your sense of humor is truly refreshing. Even in times when things seem dreary, you find a way of lightening up the situation with laughter. Keep it up. Humor is a reliable fuel that keeps relationships energized. It is a reflection of a free spirit and an attitude of gratitude for the beauty of life.

My beloved son, you are a great man. I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with a child like you.

Your ever-loving daddy,

Muli Wa Kituku

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small help


This course is designed for participants who want to get paid as professional speakers, trainers or coaches/mentors and consultants. You will not only learn your speaking strengths, but also how to turn your strengths into income. Not everyone QUALIFIES for this course. It is for professionals who want to change lives, make a SIX figure income and have fun doing it.

When: Nov. 1st 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Nov. 2nd 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Where: Stevens-Henager College
1444 S. Entertainment Avenue, Boise, ID 83709

Before you invest $495, if you miss the deadline, for this groundbreaking seminar, you need proof on how past participants and other individuals who have been coached by Dr. Kituku privately have succeeded thereafter.

Here is a sample, but bear in mind that Dr. Kituku has trained more established and aspiring speakers in Northwest America and in Kenya, Africa, than any other expert. He also coached aspiring speakers in Canada, Botswana, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, Uganda, India and Saudi Arabia among other countries.

Kathy McIntosh, speaker, editor and author Vincent introduced and worked with Kathy on the idea of writing a regular column. Now she is a columnist for the Idaho Statesman, Idaho's largest newspaper. Kathy has received more referrals that turned to paying clients from Dr. Kituku than anyone else. She has appeared on TV and radio programs. Kathy has been a featured speaker for associations, business organizations and at Dr. Kituku's major events.

Kathy's own words: "Many speakers offer training on how to be paid for your speaking. I don't believe any of them will have the same continuing faith in your ability and the persistent support that Dr. Vincent Kituku offers. His advice is practical, innovative and supportive. He will get you where you want to be. He encouraged me to submit ideas for a column in our local paper and I've received several speaking assignments as a result."

Ian Johnson, Ex-NFL player and former star Running Back for the Boise State Univ. football team Vincent introduced and mentored Ian on the business of professional speaking. Within 12 months, Ian had given more paid presentations than most speakers have in their 3rd year of business. Ian has appeared in numerous TV, Radio and print media organized and promoted by Kituku & Associates.

Darnisha Victorain As a high school student and participant at the Boys and Girls Club public speaking contest, Darnisha was coached by Dr. Kituku and went on to win (received $10K and became the spokesperson for the association) the title of Pacific Region Youth of the Year before going on to the national competition and had the honor of meeting the president of the United States America.

You learn to tell your story and to present your message with an impact audiences will remember for a long time. Then Dr. Kituku's pours his heart out by revealing insights that get you in major media outlets, thus generating speaking opportunities, without you spending a penny! And he works with you to get you the publicity you diverse. Your success, Vincent says, "Is the greatest pay I can ever receive."

Only a small group of participants, a maximum of 21, is allowed in this life changing (professional, personal and financial) seminar. Act NOW!

Again, ALL participants in this group are carefully selected for maximum learning experience and with great expectation for future successes!
However, you need to know small portion of what is covered.

Part I

9 must have skills that will get you invited to speak/train and get paid

- How to create a platform image that captivates audiences all the time
- Top must know steps on how to make each of your presentations memorable
- Proven ways to motivate your audience to want to listen, learn and act
- Why and how to turn your fear of public speaking into a rewarding possession
- How to gather information and tailor it to relate with your audience expectations
- Organizing your information for maximum audience learning experience
- How to use your uniqueness and deliver presentations skillfully
- What, why and when to use visual aids and when not to
- Must know tips that will help you avoid presentation pitfalls

You are guaranteed to learn proven secrets of killer presentations.

Your take home is:

- Power to inspire and wow audiences with your authenticity and speaking strengths
- Skills to prepare and speak with confidence
- Value-adding body language, gestures, voice, movement and facial expressions
- Proven strategies to establish a rapport with any audience
- Ability to develop compelling content
- How to use storytelling, props, and humor to your advantage
- In-depth knowledge of the drill, fill and bill approach
- Development of a professional image that demands respect

Part II

How to start and keep your speaking, coaching, training and consulting business growing

- Getting from unknown to a celebrated and well paid speaker/trainer or consultant
- 9 proven ways to market your business with minimum budget for maximum returns
- How to create a dominance presence and derive rewards in a competitive market
- The Be-MISH strategy that gets you paid for your expertise and speaking skills
- The 7 streams of income that keep dollars flowing into your business
- Strategies for leveraging your services to add value for clients and increase your fees
- How to skyrocket your profits and minimize your costs

Please note: You can be a great speaker or coach or trainers, but if people don't about you and you don't know how to market your speaking and other related services, you will always be unpaid or underpaid.

Dr. Kituku's marketing strategies have been published by the National Speakers Association to help speakers learn How to Turn Ordinary Practices into Extraordinary Results.

speak moreTools that you will take home:

1. Letters, at least three, of recommendation to use immediately to generate speaking opportunities.
2. A copy of the seminar workbook with more materials that need two school semesters to go through but summarized and synthesized for your immediate application.
3. A copy of Speak More: Marketing Strategies to Get More Speaking Business book, that is used by world's leading professionals who speak!
4. Numerous stories and anecdotes that will make your points memorable.

Five key requirements to participate in this program

1. You will need to be approved by Kituku & Associates after a 5-10 minutes phone interview unless you have received formal invitation to participate
2. You must be willing to do assignments - your success is the number one priority for Kituku & Associates
3. Participants are required to be present from the beginning to the end of the seminar unless an emergency situation arises
4. You should be able to give a presentation in front of other participants and get their input on how you can improve your skills
5. You must be willing to use your free 30-minutes consulting with Dr. Kituku within 90 days after the seminar

Please note: this is not for people who just want to give presentations. This is for individuals who want to inspire, challenge and equip people with tools to reach new heights in their professional, personal and spiritual journeys.

Discounted Rate information:

$795/person ($495 if paid before October 25th)
$659/person in groups of 3 or more ($395/person if paid before October 25th)

Guarantee: 100% refund (less $169 for administrative costs) if you are not satisfied with Dr. Kituku's presentation.

Payment options: Call (208) 376-8724 and discuss different payment options.
Scholarship: The Margret Kasiva Kituku scholarship is available for aspiring and established women speakers who need financial assistance.

Discounted Hotel Rooms are available for out of town participants, but call us to make arrangements.

To register you may:

Call toll free 1-888-685-1621 or (208) 376-8724, to learn if you qualify or email

Mail this form with a check or money order to: KITUKU & ASSOCIATES, P.O. Box 7152, Boise, Idaho, 83707. (Cancellation terms: You can transfer your registration to future workshops. There is no refund if cancellation occurs within 45 days before the seminar.)

Name of Participant(s)_____________________________________________
(Please list additional participants separately with titles, phone,
fax and address if different from above)

Position _____________________________________________________
Address__________________________City ___________St___ Zip _____
Email ________________________________________________________

More unsolicited testimonials:

"Dr. Vincent Kituku: What an amazing experience! Your training on "How to Speak and Get Paid!" was one of the most value-packed trainings I've ever attended. I arrived expecting to learn how to get paid as a speaker and left with a better understanding of my speaking abilities, useful ways to make my speeches stand out, and how to market myself as a speaker."" Ben Quintana, Programs Manager, Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce

"Vincent-Thank you for mentoring us through our next level of development. Your level and depth of expertise combined with your creativity are plus gifts- this training has enriched my strategic planning and personal goals. Lucky, lucky are we in your first class!" Sarah E. Minnis, SPHR, Minis Consulting, LLC

"Dear Vincent ~ Your creativity is amazing! By giving us example after example of your own journey from obscurity to local celebrity you have pushed the limits of my own thinking about is possible for me. I can now see paid speaking opportunities in places I would never have thought about before. The binder you put together will become a well-used resource for me. Thank you for creating it as a value-added part of this seminar...! Your careful selection of the group was fabulous - each person added to my enjoyment of this training." Gemma Utting

"Dr. Kituku: You have been a blessing to me personally and to my business. You have helped me gain the confidence I needed to pursue a speaking career and to build my law practice. I now know how to focus my energies... Thank you." Natalie Camacho Mendoza, Camacho Mendoza law

"Vincent-This seminar has been filled with more powerful and useful information then I have ever experienced in a workshop...I now have practical tools and valuable resources to draw upon to move to the next level with Public Speaking. These tools are not available to the general population... Your approach to teaching and sharing is unique in itself also. Your stories and the wealth of information you shared was most compelling! I was captivated from the moment the class began. I walked away from this class feeling confident that I can do public speaking with competence armed with very practical and useful tools. I know without any doubt that you saved me years of struggling by your choice to share what you have learned and know about Public Speaking." Sandra S. Wood, Inner Path Coaching CTA Certified Coach

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Read What Others Are Saying About Dr. Kituku's Programs:

"WOW! What a great presentation ...As I reach the end of this program, there is so much information to digest. Thanks for the written material. I am so excited to read it and put what I have learned into practice. Thanks so much!"
Alan Sturtevant, Owner, International Minute Press

"Thanks again for your outstanding work with our team over the last two days. Your presentations on leadership and team building were exactly what we needed and right on the mark. Even though you never played football, your understanding of how a team must function as one to be successful is amazingly accurate...The way the workbook flows and the way that each group is interactive within the presentation allows for much better retention of this vital material...Keep up the great work and we look forward to having you back with us again soon."
Dirk Koetter, Head Football Coach, Arizona State University

"Your insights were invaluable and your sense of humor amazing..."
Geri Rackow, Deputy Director & Public Information Officer, Eastern Idaho Public Health District

"You gave us all much to think about and your impact has become a part of the way we look at ourselves and our program."
Colleen Van Winkle, SHIBA Regional Coordinator

"I personally met Kituku last year when he visited Kenya. When I learnt of his ability to motivate..., I persuaded my head teacher and we sacrificed a morning session to listen to him. Since then the students have never been the same...that was the turning point for both students and teachers who heard him. They were left bewildered that someone can pass such serious message in such simplicity..."
Joshua Kivuva, English teacher, Kinyui Girls High School, Kenya

"I will never forget the seminar I attended here in Moscow that you were the speaker. Thank you for being you and sharing." Jan Ahles, Community Relations Director at Good Samaritan Society, Moscow "Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. It was a hoot!...I certainly appreciate the time and effort you put into preparing for this event! The added touch of customizing your presentation to fit credit unions and our theme of "Trek to Success," topped it off..."
Marian Kenworthy, Education Specialist, Idaho Credit Union League

"I enjoyed your seminar this morning at the Chamber of Commerce. I've already told several people that was one of the best seminars they've had. I've heard some of your marketing tips before from other speakers but you have a special talent for making it much easier to understand. I've heard about the elevator speech before, but the speaker took much longer and was more complex at explaining it. After the few minutes you spoke on it, I understood it much better and was able to come up with my own, "I help small businesses market their business on the Internet."
Duane Hinkley, Down Home Web Design, Inc.

"...Your buoyant, encouraging message certainly demonstrates to everyone involved how to not only survive, but thrive in the turbulence of unexpected life changes...Your message crossed all boundaries; from the coach to the athlete, continuing on to the entrepreneur and business manager all the way to the company employee. It does not matter your "position" in life as your message conveyed and answered loud and clear..."
Gary Beck, Executive Director; Humanitarian Bowl

"Dear Dr. Kituku,
Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed your energetic and motivational keynote address at the opening ceremonies of the Pacific Northwest Section of the American Water Works Association's annual spring conference...we heard many remarks throughout the conference praising the opening ceremonies as one of the best that the participants had experienced..."
Gregory P. Wyatt, Conference Co-chair, Pacific Northwest Section of the American Water Works Association

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Have you ever heard statements like these?

- There is no solution for this situation - it's overwhelming
- Why change from what we are already doing?
- I am not the manager or CEO - why ask me?
- This is not my business, I just work here
- I wish I can have time for my children

This special offer is not online. Fill and fax the form below to (208) 323-7612 or call our 24/7 toll free number 1-888 685-1621. Supply is limited.

You will be inspired to:

- Set yourself apart at work and in life
- Re-discover talents and resources you need for growth
- Thrive by repeatedly providing exceptional services
- Be part of something bigger than a career
- Bounce back after setbacks
- Move forward without leaving your life behind


Call (208) 376-8724 or email Dr. Kituku at vincent@kituku.com for information on keynotes and/or training opportunities for your organization or conference.

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