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September is always a special month for me. I was born in September. My grandfather died in September and a week later, my last dog died. I joined Toastmasters in September, 1992, and life has never been the same. I should add that I joined National Speakers Association (NSA) in September, 1995, and things became extremely interesting. I registered Kituku & Associates with the Idaho Tax Commission in September…That’s enough.

The point is, I am aware of September. I write more in September than any other month … because I garden, hike, camp and do other fun stuff which allow my mind to meditate from late April through August. That means September is the time for me to transfer thoughts into written words.

This last summer, my thoughts centered on a question that I have heard several times in the last few years. What does it take to make a difference in this world, have work/life balance and succeed in whatever you do?

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Be Yourself:
If you have read Top Must Know Life Lessons for Top Achievers, you know Lesson # 2 is, “Be yourself, otherwise others will dictate what they want you to be.” You begin being yourself the moment you realize that you are the greatest miracle and were created for a purpose. When you are yourself, you devote time to know who you are, your strengths and life perspectives. It is a lesser burden to live life as yourself to try to live it as someone else. You were not created to be a duplicate. Who are you, what are your talents, gifts and experiences, what are your core values in life, what is your purpose in this world?
Make Your Life Simple:
Over the years, I have been blessed focusing on only three areas of life—spiritual, mental and physical. Everything I am involved in falls within at least one of these aspects. There is no substitute for an active relationship with God. Involvement in mental and physical activities is vital for your personal and professional growth and balance. Some activities such as gardening or hiking, however, provide opportunities for meditation (spiritual), preparation for a speech (mental) and physical growth. You can’t make a difference in the world until you make a difference in your life.
Think Beyond Self:
This requires a change from self-centeredness to others-centered mentality. Your decisions and actions shift from focusing on what’s in it for you to working to improve the lives of other people. You take care of people the way you would care for a wealthy relative who is about to die whose will you hope to benefit from. Lesson # 1 of the “Top Must Know Life Lessons for Top Achievers" says, “What you do for yourself can get you by. What you do for others is what will get you ahead; whether in your profession, spiritual pursuits or relationships.
Never Do Anything Just to Get By:
The goal is to make your yesterday’s dream, today’s routine. That is what top achievers do. Whether at work, at home or in the community, don’t allow yourself an average performance. No one is thrilled by average results. It is the beyond expectation stuff that makes people say, “Wow!” Not just to get by, but striving to get ahead, reaching each time for new heights that bring you energy, determination and resolve to be the best you can be professionally and personally. Start by taking ownership of all the responsibilities you have. That happens when you think and act as the CEO of all do.
Master the Three Forces of Success:
The first is the force of presence—if it’s present, someone will want it. Your products, skills or services can only bring returns if they are available. The second force is effort. The effort you make for others to see what you have is critical—that is what the 50% of businesses that perish in their first year of operation lack. The third force, belief, is what top achievers have more of. Can you imagine the faith it takes for someone to write a book—without knowing if anyone will be interested in it? The third force says, if you write, they will read it!
When you belong, you learn, you serve and you grow. I joined Toastmasters International (TM) in September, 1992. Today, 100% of my livelihood is directly related to what I learned (and I am still learning in my two TM clubs and all other clubs I visit) in TM and of course from the National Speakers Association (NSA). Be part of professional, spiritual and social communities. They are the backbone of your own survival. The majestic redwood trees owe their survival to community support (they have shallow root systems). When you are part of a community, you are less likely to be brought down by the “elements.”


November 18th - 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (Thursday)
November 19th - 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (Friday)
November 20th - 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (Saturday)
Towneplace Suites by Marriott
1415 S. Eagle Road, Meridian, ID
If I went back to college again, I’d concentrate on two areas: learning to write and to speak before an audience. Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively.

- Gerald R. Ford. U.S. President.

The power of using words to change your world

How to say what you say and give people hope and empower them to think and act

9 proven strategies to reach millions with your words/cause with a zero/shoestring budget

Before you read what will be covered in the seminar, take a moment and read what Clay Corner, a participant in a past seminar said. Here it is:
Hi Vincent,

I just wanted to share with you how blessed I was this week by your seminar. The difference between Wednesday and today is that I now know:
   1. That it is OK to get paid to speak
   2. How to understand and engage my audience to create amazing results
   3. How to market my services 24 hours per day

Thank you. It was worth a fortune.

I gladly committed to the next level of training and look forward to learning and applying all that I can. Just to let you know, I have received a bargain and would have easily paid twice or more of this amount or more for your services.

Clay Corner is an accomplished national consultant with years of training in public speaking.

Dear fellow speaker, what do you make of a case like Jennifer Christiano’s. Jennifer got results from what she learned immediately. She attended the seminar and in three business days (seminar ended on Saturday), Jennifer appeared in the Idaho Statesman (100% free of charge!). In addition to the description of her accomplishments and services, her picture was also printed. This was just one of the tips Jennifer picked up from the seminar.

Vincent,…it was truly an experience that will enhance not only my career, but also my life in general , even my marriage. The marketing information you shared with us alone was worth many, many, times the financial investment I made to attend…you are truly an “Angel Along the Path” who is making a tremendous positive difference in my life.

Jennifer Christiano
Dear Vincent,

I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to attend your "How to Speak and Get Paid" advanced workshop this past week! Your willingness to share your "tips" "strategies" and "must knows" of professional speaking was invaluable. The stories and examples made it obvious that every bit of advice had been time-tested as you learned the business.
More important than just the practical information though, was the sincere encouragement you always offer. It is a reminder that success in a field we are passionate about must be shared to make us truly successful. Thank you for your warmth and wisdom! All the Best - Always!

Marsha McKinney, ARM, Owner, Simple Safety

There is one thing I guarantee my students—you will learn practical tips that will allow you to propel your fulfillment (success is not only elusive but also very deceiving) into new heights. You will live consciously aware of why you do what you do, the impact it has on the lives of other people’s professions or personal endeavors and the tangible and intangible rewards you derive.

Further, you will learn how to speak so that people want to hear you and pay
(very well) for your words. The second part is to teach you how to let people know what you do faster without you investing thousands of dollars. In fact, I teach participants how to market with a zero budget…that is where I started and still
use it.

  1. Develop the platform image that captivates audiences all the time

  2. Know what makes each of your presentations memorable

  3. Learn to make any audience listen, learn and call you back

  4. Top tips to turn your fear of public speaking into a profitable possession

  5. 3 strategies you need to know and relate with any of your audience’s expectations

  6. Learn how to make your information lead to maximum audience learning experience

  7. How to use your uniqueness and deliver presentations skillfully

  8. Why, when and which tangibles to use for maximum presentation impact

  1. How to catapult your business and declare your presence and expertise with products:
    That are bought—thus keeping your cash flow healthy without you
    leaving home.
    That get you paid engagements
    That create market awareness within days

  2. How to produce Top Selling products with minimum budget

  3. How to package your products to maximize profit

  1. Getting from unknown to a celebrated and well paid speaker/trainer or consultant

  2. How to charge morally acceptable fees you don’t feel guilty about

  3. 9 proven ways to market your business with minimum budget for maximum returns

  4. How to create a dominant presence and derive rewards in a competitive market

  5. The Be-MISH strategy that gets you paid for your expertise and speaking skills

  6. The 7 streams of income that keep dollars flowing into your business

  7. Strategies for leveraging your services to add value for clients and increase your fees

  8. How to skyrocket your profits and minimize your costs with every engagement

Dr. Vincent Kituku: What an amazing experience! Your training on “How to Speak and Get Paid!” was one of the most value-packed trainings I’ve ever attended. I arrived expecting to learn how to get paid as a speaker and left with a better understanding of my speaking abilities, useful ways to make my speeches stand out, and how to market myself as a speaker.

Ben Quintana, Programs Manager, Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce


You will need to be approved by Kituku & Associates
after a 5-10 minute phone interview unless you have
received a formal invitation to participate.

You must be willing to do assignments—your success is the number one priority for Kituku & Associates.

Participants are required to be present from the beginning
to the end of the seminar unless an emergency arises.

You should be able to give a presentation in front of other participants and get their input on how you can improve
your skills.

You are required to use your free 30-minute consultation
with Dr. Kituku within 90 days after the seminar.

Rate information:
$595.00 BEFORE November 1st after October 21st
$695.00 BEFORE November 15th
$795.00 AFTER November 15th

NOTE: We have five (each $100) scholarships for professionals who are in between jobs or work for non-profit organization that available on first come,
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Seminar and 30 days phone consultations. (Meals—Dinners, lunch and refreshments and workbooks are included). PLEASE NOTE: You can transfer your investment to later dates or another seminar or to a colleague. We have no refund policy once you have registered for this seminar.

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“The people we provide services for are people, not just clients or participants” says Chris Widdison, a ten years veteran of Community Partnerships of Idaho (CPI). CPI is celebrating its 15th year of providing services to people with disabilities. On October 21st and 22nd CPI will hold a national conference at the Boise Centre on the Grove (read more at

The organization started in 1995 when a few friends had a dream—to make a difference in the lives of children, teens and adults with disabilities. It is the approach they developed that made CPI the “Trail Blazer” of new culture of caring, respect and empowerment for people with disabilities.

Kathrine Hansen, one of the founders states that, “There was a huge need for an agency to support children, teens and adults with disabilities in their natural environment.” They developed programs around the family, not for an individual participant. Case managers go where the family is whether in the park, shopping centers, or in the buses when needed even if it’s on a weekend or in the evening.

This was and is deviation from rigid traditional programs that are based on what the providers think is the “best.” The results have been nothing short of miracles as parents attest. “CPI has given Adrian an opportunity to have friends and people to spend time with during the day and gain social skills. He went through school for 13 years, but now has friends that he enjoys seeing and doing things together outside therapy. Adrian has bloomed emotionally and socially” says Teresa parker.

Her sentiment is echoed by Diana Pataky when she says, “… I truly believe that if we hadn’t started with CPI at such an early age my son wouldn’t be as close to being a productive citizen as he is and I wouldn’t be as good of a mom (for a special needs child) as I am. I’ve always said it takes a village/family to raise a child and CPI is our family. They are always there for us even after hours or early morning the staff here are “angels”! I carry my head high because my son is a kind, helpful, money saving, bill-paying, loving, gentle young man because of a lot of wonderful people’s hard work and devotion.”

As America was celebrating the 20th year anniversary of the Disability Act, 40% of the 500 people who held hands around the entire block of the Idaho State Capitol have received or are currently receiving services from CPI. In Emmett, Idaho, CPI is a main partner in the Relay for Life program that supports people suffering from cancer. This year, CPI’s staff and the participants in their programs not only raised over $2000 for Relay for Life but 60 staff members and participants walked the actual walk.

Although this year’s conference theme is The Hour of Innovation is Now, CPI has been innovative all along. They started Summer Camps were staff, participants and their families play and learn together. Activities have included rafting, film making and attending movies among others. This year there were 90 participants.
Another key area of innovation for a relatively small organization is the annual educational conference that was created to equip service providers, families and advocates with quality professional development training. Experts, sometimes with international reputation, are brought to Idaho for the conference.

CPI’s culture of caring, respect and empowerment has not been spared the pain of budget cuts, especially for Medicaid and Vocational Rehabilitation participants. But Katherine, who is also the 2010-2012 president of the Idaho Association of Developmental Disabilities Agencies, says, “CPI has learned to be flexible, focused and committed to provide people with disabilities what they need to grow socially and emotionally and have dignity in their lives.”



Native of Kenya, Africa, and resident of Idaho since 1992, Vincent has been a featured speaker and trainer at numerous Real Estate conferences and training programs. An award winning speaker and writer, he is one of the less than 7% of all professional speakers to earn a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), the highest award for professional speakers. Dr. Kituku has worked with championship sports teams and trained leaders on how to inspire productivity all the time. What sets Vincent apart is his ability to weave life experiences in Africa with corporate America and culture in providing solutions for personal and professional growth.

Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku is known as a research-based motivational speaker. He presents motivational keynotes and training programs on leadership, employee motivation, overcoming buffaloes at work (change), customer service and living and working with cultural differences. Vincent is the founder and president of Kituku & Associates, LLC, a business that is dedicated to developing leaders and employees in business and in life.

What has set Dr. Kituku apart is the ability to use his experience in research to evaluate/assess client needs and then tailor his keynotes/training presentation to meet their objectives. Harold G. Delamarter, President/CEO, Prestige Care Inc. said, "Before the Retreat, Dr. Kituku gained as much information as possible about our company and the industry we are involved in. He made telephone calls to management team members to tailor his seminar very closely to the needs of our employees and the circumstances they face each day in the present economy. Dr. Kituku was so widely received in July, the decision was made to ask him to return to again present to our company in October."

Vincent's clients list includes Cisco Systems, Micron, Hewlett Packard, Genworth Financial, US Fish and Wildlife, US Air Force, Women Council of Realtors and National Association of Mental Health. He has been the motivational speaker for the successful Boise State Football Team since 1998. Dr. Kituku works have been featured by numerous publications including the Presentations Magazine, SkyWest Magazine, National Speakers Association Magazine and many newspapers which publish his weekly columns. Vincent holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation that is earned by fewer than 7% of all speakers worldwide.

If results are important to you, then
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