Our sonís name is Kithetheesyo Uathimo, meaning Persistent Blessings. To the best of my knowledge, he is the only person with this combination. He is our fourth child, the only boy, and was born during my middle age. To say that he has lived up to his name, especially in football is understatement.

Kithetheesyo Uathimo

Jacque Angelos
After pondering for years, I concluded that persistence is the quality in life that separates achievers from the rest. It is the one factor in life that makes a person experience successes  in personal and professional endeavors. It separates those who endure spiritual battles from those who succumb to them. Persistence in oneís vision brings the anticipated blessings.

My sonís name gives me reassurance in my own life. I heartily believe that even when nothing seems to come out of a project, persistence pays off. Abraham Lincoln is an example. He is among the great leaders who had major impact in changing the beliefs and practices of his time. A closer look at his career portrays somebody who would have been relatively unknown were it not for his spirit of persistence.
  • Failed in business at age 22

  • Ran for the legislature and was defeated at 23

  • Failed again in business at 24

  • Won a seat in the legislature at 25

  • His sweetheart died when Abraham was 26

  • Suffered from a nervous breakdown at 27

  • Defeated for speaker at 29

  • Defeated for elector at 31

  • Defeated for Congress at 34

  • Elected to Congress at 37

  • Defeated for Congress at 39

  • Defeated for Senate at 46

  • Defeated for Vice President at 47

  • Defeated for Senate at 49

  • Elected President of United States of America at 51

His persistence, courage and perseverance brought blessings to himself and others. His personal and political life shows that the odds were against him. Yet, he persisted and won his place in the pages of history and in the hearts of his countrymen down to this day and far beyond.
You must come to grips with the realities of life if you are to receive the blessings that come from persistence. In life, there are challenges that must be met. Sorrows abound and must be overcome. Tragedies must be faced courageously. Struggles must be fought tenaciously.

Life offers enormous blessings for those who persist. Blessings start with accepting life as a gift. In life, opportunities present themselves dailyÖ take them. When you view life as a mission field, you are bound to fulfill it.

Persistent people get their ultimate rewards because they donít adopt common alibis such as age, gender or material possession. Other commitments, present skills and abilities never prevent them from getting their goal started and accomplished.


What most lovers of American football know is that Joe Montana led San Francisco 49ers to four Super Bowl championships. A town was named after him. His resume of greatness includes 40,551 yards in sixteen seasons, 273 touchdowns and 3,409 completed passes. 
However, spectacular successes become even more compelling when past struggles are brought to the picture.

Here is Joe Montanaís past according to a story I read in Godís Little Devotional Book (for Men): He was 7th string quarterback (this six other players were better than him in that position. Now you know American football is in my system) at Norte Dame.

Although he led his team during his senior year to a comeback victory in the 1979 Cotton Bowl, National Football League teams showed no interest in having him. Two days before the draft, two scouts indicated some interest and Montana was selected in the third round as the 82nd overall choice. In the world of football, what happened after San Francisco selected him is history.

Persist. Persist. Persist.


When people know where they have come from, who they are and where they are going, their commitment becomes natural.
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Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku is known as a research-based motivational speaker. He presents motivational keynotes and training programs on leadership, employee motivation, overcoming buffaloes at work (change), customer service and living and working with cultural differences. Vincent is the founder and president of Kituku & Associates, LLC, a business that is dedicated to developing leaders and employees in business and in life.

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