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Adversities can be either natural or man-made. The natural ones play no favors—they have no respect for tribal or religious affiliation. One’s social status is a non-issue when nature turns her dark side on us.

AlejAndro Anasticio

My friend and speaking colleague (with whom I have been so honored to share platforms and the opportunity to inspire the Boise State Football Team), AlejAndro Anasticio started life with nature against him and he not in any way ready to languish in self pity. Born without his left hand, he refused to be discouraged and took his challenge as an opportunity for personal growth. What, however, inspired me about him is how he never let what he couldn’t change dictate how he was to live the rest of his life.

This captivating, enriching and challenging speaker dances to a different drum than most of us. He holds a degree in Sociology from the University of Washington. Mr. Anasticio is probably the only human being who managed to ride a bicycle from Seattle to Chicago with one hand. In addition, he has three Black Belts in martial arts and has trained Aikido for ten years.

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Unwavering Positive Attitude
When asked what it is like living his entire life with one hand, AlejAndro says, “It is truly and deeply a blessing. I enjoy not having two hands. Not only do I have the opportunity to inspire people to be more than they think is possible, I also get 50% off all manicures.” His tag line on his email is, “Disciple of Good.” I just love it! You have to learn the beauty of your situation in order to turn your limitations to assets.
He loved playing basketball. A middle school teacher told him that if he had two hands, he could have been a super star. He never again let anyone tell him what he couldn’t achieve without two hands. His belief in his abilities, not inabilities, has fueled the results of his intentions and actions. You must believe you can be somebody, and act to be that somebody, even if the rest of the world considers you otherwise.
Act with Courage
My question to my friend was simple. “How did you achieve all the things you have done?” His response was equally simple. “Vincent, it was courage and desire to succeed.” Courage is a key element of success that you can’t get from a text book. You either have it or you don’t. The good thing is that it can be developed and sustained. Start by doing something you consider important but you have procrastinated doing because you lack courage
Desire to help others
Mr. Anasticio is transforming the lives of both adults and young people. His message is, “Life has limitations, so what?” He provides practical tips and strategies on how to win in life with limited resources.

I have had my share of adversities and expect more. But I know that adversities are more effective teachers of life lessons than our successes. They make us improve how we do things, live our lives and how we relate with others. They prepare us to face the next challenges of life with hope and courage. We, however, have to learn to turn adversities into advantages.
Editor’s Note: AlejAndro is available to motivate, empower and challenge your group to reach new heights of productivity and focus.
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What he presented before the team played and won the classic Fiesta Bowl game against Oklahoma in January 1, 2007.

The 7 attributes of success, with a copy of the original sketch he shared with Dirk Koetter (1997-2000 head coach) in January 1999 that became the motivation platform of the team for years.

What happened when he was the Homecoming Grand Marshal in 2003 for Boise State University.

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The 7 pillars that separate those who create a movement and those who manipulate people

The 15 must discover personal leadership assets and how to make
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The power of stories and how to use them to inspire positive actions, and empower people to change

How to present your vision so others think it is their own

The 7 proven leadership practices that create a culture of uncommon habit of success

The must know and have tools that make others want to emulate your strengths

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 Dr. Vincent Kituku, Author and International Motivational Speaker

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Dear Vincent, I can't tell you how much you help me personally. Thanks for being a mentor and special friend to me. Your advice and insight helps keep me grounded and able to navigate the many troubled waters over which I must travel!

Dan Hawkins, Head Football Coach, Boise State University (WAC Champions 2002/2003 and 2003/2004, Winners of Humanitarian Bowl 2003 and Forts Worth Bowl 2004
Dear Vincent, Patricia and I express our gratitude for the gift of your service to Idaho families and children. It is heartening to know that there are so many like you who are dedicated to serving others and helping to make our communities even stronger!

Dirk Kempthorne, Governor, State of Idaho, 1999-2006
Your buoyant, encouraging message certainly demonstrates to everyone involved how to not only survive, but thrive in the turbulence of unexpected life changes…Your message crossed all boundaries; from the coach to the athlete, continuing on to the entrepreneur and business manager all the way to the company employee. It does not matter your “position” in life as your message conveyed and answered loud and clear…

Gary Beck, Executive Director; Humanitarian Bowl
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Kithetheesyo, my son, is starting high school this fall. His three sisters have traveled that same path. There is no fanfare. Every student from his middle school will attend high school, if they so wish.

Joining high school in Kangundo, Kenya, was a childhood passage that left vivid memories only death or permanent mental lapse can erase. Seventh graders sat for the examination set by educators from three nations, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania (former British colonies). The few hundreds of youngsters who passed the exam had an opportunity to enter high school and increase their chances of living up to their potential. Failing in that exam relegated thousands of youngsters to a pool of poorly paid manual jobs. Nothing short of a miracle could help those who failed the exam better their future life status.

Passing the exam was so rare that it took some schools many years before they could have one of their own admitted in what we called government high school. I was in my early teenage years when someone I knew, my uncle Makau—we called him Jimmy, passed the exam. His joyous screams, from about a quarter of mile from home, were what alerted the family that January afternoon in 1969.

My memory is not clear about how my uncle learned his results. Normally, the government-controlled radio would make announcement that results were out. Neighbors who had a radio and knew someone who took the exam would run to inform him/her about the announcement.

What I remember is Jimmy’s beaming face and his inability to sit still as he told the story and how the family was overwhelmed by this more than welcome circumstance. Jimmy had sat and failed to pass that exam in two previous years. Who would guess the source of joy…after three years in the same grade? What a relief! Some pupils had tried and failed that exam for seven years.

There was a social promotion that came with passing the exam. One could wear long trousers, a privilege reserved for high scholars in those days. Those with a well-to-do dad or a family member had no struggle going through this transformation. It wasn’t so for Uncle Jimmy.

My grandfather, not yet a member of the Catholic church, was ready to capitalize on Jimmy’s dilemma. Jimmy had to purchase his first pair of trousers from his own father. Grandfather needed money for traditional beer. Jimmy, from manual labor projects, had gathered some money to buy luggage, toiletries and maybe a new shirt but not enough for a new pair of trousers.

Jimmy was admitted at Kabaa High School, a premier institution about sixty miles from home. That is where I come in. Jimmy’s young brother, Munyioki and I were naturally the ones to carry Jimmy’s luggage (with a wheelbarrow), from home to the Kangundo shopping center where he would take a bus. And that is where, three months later, we went to pick up Jimmy’s luggage after schools were closed. We too became part of Jimmy’s success—we could go to the shopping center where students with no business were prohibited.

Joining high school was not a personal achievement. It was a family affair. It wasn’t a routine thing. It was, for many communities, the first sign of a bright future when one of their own entered the world out there to learn the western education—the certificate one needed to progress.



Native of Kenya, Africa, and resident of Idaho since 1992, Vincent has been a featured speaker and trainer at numerous Real Estate conferences and training programs. An award winning speaker and writer, he is one of the less than 7% of all professional speakers to earn a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), the highest award for professional speakers. Dr. Kituku has worked with championship sports teams and trained leaders on how to inspire productivity all the time. What sets Vincent apart is his ability to weave life experiences in Africa with corporate America and culture in providing solutions for personal and professional growth.

Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku is known as a research-based motivational speaker. He presents motivational keynotes and training programs on leadership, employee motivation, overcoming buffaloes at work (change), customer service and living and working with cultural differences. Vincent is the founder and president of Kituku & Associates, LLC, a business that is dedicated to developing leaders and employees in business and in life.

What has set Dr. Kituku apart is the ability to use his experience in research to evaluate/assess client needs and then tailor his keynotes/training presentation to meet their objectives. Harold G. Delamarter, President/CEO, Prestige Care Inc. said, "Before the Retreat, Dr. Kituku gained as much information as possible about our company and the industry we are involved in. He made telephone calls to management team members to tailor his seminar very closely to the needs of our employees and the circumstances they face each day in the present economy. Dr. Kituku was so widely received in July, the decision was made to ask him to return to again present to our company in October."

Vincent's clients list includes Cisco Systems, Micron, Hewlett Packard, Genworth Financial, US Fish and Wildlife, US Air Force, Women Council of Realtors and National Association of Mental Health. He has been the motivational speaker for the successful Boise State Football Team since 1998. Dr. Kituku works have been featured by numerous publications including the Presentations Magazine, SkyWest Magazine, National Speakers Association Magazine and many newspapers which publish his weekly columns. Vincent holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation that is earned by fewer than 7% of all speakers worldwide.

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